Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sociolla x Toyota Sienta Pop Up Playground!

It's decided. I think I'm gonna start writing again for the sake of my sanity.

I've been in and out doing things here and there; all including opening up my family's restaurant: Raffe Ramyeon House and managing it together with my sister, doing new pieces for Apparel After Dark and Fish and Foxes, and just bits and bots I cannot mention one by one.

So in celebration of me coming back to the writing scene, Imma give you LOADS of photos from now on. I promise. Really, this time.

Last Saturday I was one of the influencers that attended the Sociolla x Toyota Sienta Pop Up Playground in Flavor Bliss BSD City. They had fashion shows going on all day from different designers, a live band playing all of your favorite radio songs and of course it wouldn't be complete without a pop-up bazaar with everything from kids clothing to sneaker craze. The weather was perfect; it was gloomy but the cold breeze was enough for me to stroll around the Flavor Bliss grounds.

A little important information on the Toyota Sienta; this product is a Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) that was specifically designed to cater all of the driver's activities and needs so not only is it functional but Sienta also has a dynamic and modern design. Other features and technology includes the power sliding door, dive-in seat and also CVT transmission.

This car to me fulfills the Indonesian market and truly serves as a multi-purpose all-purpose car for everyone in every legal driving age. From learning drivers to University students to families with 3 kids and 3 nurses, you name it. The Toyota Sienta is incredibly versatile.

Hugs and kisses, see you on my next post!