Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Disney x Ramayana

If you know me personally you would know exactly how I feel about Disney and everything in it. Don't get me wrong though, my house is not made out of chocolates and I definitely don't sing to birds every single morning but you can definitely call me a true and complete Disney freak. I admit it. I'm Amelia, and I'm a Disney-holic.

I don't believe that 'a dream come true' in real life will ever happen to me, until Disney. I'm not even joking I cry every single time I open up one of my favorite nostalgic Disney songs, it's fucking incredible and it made me believe in myself and in the possibilities of dreams actually coming true. During the night fireworks in one of my visits to Disneyland I cried. It was too beautiful. And I would do it all over again in a blink of an eye. Nothing is ever as beautiful as these Disney characters and their beautiful stories. 

And to my complete surprise last 9th of December I got invited to an event Disney did with Ramayana Department Store. My inner princess little girl heart just died. The event started with a cute little table set up for the bloggers to gather and to be introduced further about the collaboration and the collection. We took numerous amounts of photographs (of course we did we're bloggers duh) and we finally went downstairs to start trying out the oh-so beautiful goodies!

What I love about this Ramayana is their newly promoted hashtag that basically says: #DisneyHakSegalaBangsa. And that my friend, I give my 110% worth of applause. Disney is a part of everybody; whether it was dubbed in Bahasa or some other language on your local television channel, in any metropolitan city in the world for that matter, I guarantee 99% of you know Mickey or Minney. I believe that this beautiful thing Walt Disney created should and must be everybody's rights, and that's what Ramayana did.

I got the two black t-shirts (you know how black my soul is) and I nearly bought these flats but didn't cause I was a dumbass with too many shoes. But I mean, come on... This is worth WAY MORE than its selling price. 100 for a tshirt, 250 for a pair of shoes. I just DIE.

And here's a treat to one of the greatest commercials ever to happen on Indonesian television for Disney x Ramayana:

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sociolla x Toyota Sienta Pop Up Playground!

It's decided. I think I'm gonna start writing again for the sake of my sanity.

I've been in and out doing things here and there; all including opening up my family's restaurant: Raffe Ramyeon House and managing it together with my sister, doing new pieces for Apparel After Dark and Fish and Foxes, and just bits and bots I cannot mention one by one.

So in celebration of me coming back to the writing scene, Imma give you LOADS of photos from now on. I promise. Really, this time.

Last Saturday I was one of the influencers that attended the Sociolla x Toyota Sienta Pop Up Playground in Flavor Bliss BSD City. They had fashion shows going on all day from different designers, a live band playing all of your favorite radio songs and of course it wouldn't be complete without a pop-up bazaar with everything from kids clothing to sneaker craze. The weather was perfect; it was gloomy but the cold breeze was enough for me to stroll around the Flavor Bliss grounds.

A little important information on the Toyota Sienta; this product is a Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) that was specifically designed to cater all of the driver's activities and needs so not only is it functional but Sienta also has a dynamic and modern design. Other features and technology includes the power sliding door, dive-in seat and also CVT transmission.

This car to me fulfills the Indonesian market and truly serves as a multi-purpose all-purpose car for everyone in every legal driving age. From learning drivers to University students to families with 3 kids and 3 nurses, you name it. The Toyota Sienta is incredibly versatile.

Hugs and kisses, see you on my next post!