Thursday, 18 December 2014

Photo Diary: Bangkok November 2014

Every year my dad's company does this company retreat thing for the employees during end of year season and this year we got to revisit Bangkok. I am always so keen to return back to this beautiful inviting city and this time round we got to see a lot more of it. I think Bangkok holds a very special spot in my heart; there is always something so delicate and sensitive about it that makes me even more vulnerable to my own self. 

I know that one day if I have the chance I would come here and really explore every spot of the city. I was the only one from the whole gang with a DSLR camera and a titan-force energy to go everywhere and photograph everything and still, I feel like I could've done better. 
Here are a few images from my trip: 

Special thanks to @lookboutiquestore for sending me this amazing camo short!