Monday, 23 June 2014

Bali: Photo Diary

Something that I'm always grateful for are the unbelievable opportunities I get in life, one of them being this summer weekend getaway to the beautiful land of Bali, courtesy of Charles & Keith and Grazia Indonesia Magazine! There are no words to describe how giddy I was when I found out that I was one of the three lucky people to be chosen as winners, and to my surprise I got to go to Bali.

Bali has always fascinated me into a certain level of awe and respect to the point where it kind of feels like I'm away from Indonesia for a bit. It has been a few years since I last visited here and it is just crazy to know the amount of new places and hotels or resorts, I did not know where to begin with and I'm saying this in the best possible way!

Here are a few shots of my 3 days trip in Bali and again, thank you so much Charles & Keith for making my summertime sadness fade away. Really, I am the luckiest girl alive.


  1. amazing shoot! you're so lucky

  2. this must be a wonderful place! I´m going to Bali next month and I hope to enjoy as you did :D