Sunday, 8 June 2014

Grand Indonesia 5th Anniversary x Le Sportsac: Curtis Kulig

To start with, I know I said that I would be posting quite often last week or so but it turns out life planned something else with my hours. Completely out of line, completely unprofessional, and also, I am completely sorry!

Around 2 weeks ago I was invited by Grand Indonesia Shopping Town to their first instalment of their 2 weeks long 5th Anniversary celebration, in this case an event that was co-hosted by Le Sportsac. It really baffles me when I first realised that Grand Indonesia has stood side by side the bunderan HI for 5 long years, has it really been that long? Did I really age 5 years that quickly? Hahaha

So for the period of 20th of May till' the 1st of June, Grand Indonesia along with BCA bank gave back to their customers by celebrating their 5 years anniversary in a themed celebration: 'Five Celebration of Shopping, Fashion, Dining, Music and Art!'

They celebrated Art on the 20th of May by inviting New York Artist Curtis Kulig in conjunction to his worldwide known Love Me campaign with Le Sportsac. As a painter, photographer and illustrator, Kulig's artwork can be seen in cities ranging from Berlin to Los Angeles, even till' Tokyo! He signed my iPhone with permanent marker that seems to wash away by touch (I don't know how that happened, I might have sweaty palms) but for the few days I had the signature I really felt like a complete badass.

Thank you Grand Indonesia for having me at this event along with other actual press people from magazines and such! I am honoured that I got to be one of the very few people in Indonesia to have met with Curtis and I am more than thankful just because! Another post about Grand Indonesia coming up plus much much more! Will try to post as often as I could, pinky promise: )


  1. Aaaa~ must be a fun event x3
    he's so nice and cool thoo~ :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. ci amell :) followback my blog too please ;)


  3. Superb share on Grand Indonesia 5th Anniversary x Le Sportsac. It was very nice post to read through. I also have to host an art exhibition themed birthday bash for my son so trying to find suitable event venue for that. Could you help regarding that?