Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dion Lee Spring-Summer 2014 Collection // TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt - Road to New York

I first found out about Dion Lee when he did his capsule collection collab with CUE back in 2010. It was just a normal Saturday with my Mom, she happened to be visiting me and my sister in Melbourne for a few weeks and my mom is a big fan of CUE. So we approached the store with me not knowing that a collaboration even happened. I was just starting in fashion school and I did not know a lot of local Australian designers yet so when I knew about Dion Lee I was more than inspired; I was enlightened and somehow proud in a weird fashion-connects-everyone kinda way, to know that he is there and constantly inspiring me and everyone around the world of such unconventional ways to 3D tailoring through architectural but organic-like designs. And I have been following him ever since then.

Dion Lee's last Spring/Summer 2014 Collection was a recap of his whole career in fashion; all his past works combined into one and presented in a showcase that boasts all of his beautiful techniques on garmentsThis happened to be his first New York runway debut at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. As Maya Singer from puts it: "Lee, the most admired and original designer to have come out of Australia, was giving a little fanfare by way of introduction to New York." I thought that the collection was spot on and constructed beautifully. What's amazing about Dion Lee is that he creates all these ethereal pieces that just, blows my mind away, but yet, still being able to have the exact amount of restraint to make everything look effortless and wearable. To me, this is the special kind of fashion.

This outfit was inspired by this asymmetrical skirt on top of a pair of pants kinda look. I think the asymmetrical skirt adds more dimension to the outfit and layering is definitely my favourite thing to do to change things up when wearing black and white. Oh, and say hello to my beautiful baby niece, Nadine Thee!

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  1. You look great!!! super cute baby!