Wednesday, 21 May 2014


There is something about the colour white that I just can't quite explain. When you look through the clouds on the way to work or just the sunlight shining through your white sheer curtains in the morning, even though it is definitely the effect of sunlight, white gives me the feeling of warmth and just, a pure unbiased emotion that again, I can't quite explain.

White is neutral and unbiased. It allows us, the users, some chance to demonstrate and showcase a part of us other than the colour itself (for example: red) doing that for you beforehand. While other colours could depict you as someone loud or someone really dark, white gives you a chance to be yourself first.

Went to a bunch of exciting events this past week and to be honest I really can't wait to blog them all out! Therefore, today marks the first blog post extravaganza! Over the top, I know. But this is going to be a week full of blog posts, so keep on checking and I'll keep on giving!

Wearing Apparel After Dark's Tag t-shirt (coming soon!), Supre's high-bleached denim shorts, my brother's old pastel vintage shirt, the most nostalgic pair of white kiddy sneakers from Adidas, and my Michael Kors mini sling bag. 


  1. in love with your white adidas sneakers!
    old school yet cool!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. i agree that wearing white is gonna make you standout against the crowd.
    love the shirt over the tshirt. it's really forgiving for a casual day out :)

    Style and Write

  3. STUNNING! I like your outfit !

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