Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sorry and Hello!

It's been quite a while since I last blogged about something and thus, I would like to say the biggest sorry anyone could ever say to all my readers (if I still have any, that is!) for the 2 months quiet gap here on my blog. Really Sorry! As you all probably know already I've been really busy with my brand, Apparel After Dark. I've been on this incredible journey of just taking breathtaking steps towards a goal I've been trying to reach for forever since last year and it really has been amazing: )

When people ask me what I do, it's still hard for me to say: "Oh, I'm a designer. I have my own brand." It has always been this imaginary dream I've always had since high school and now, surprisingly and I am still in shock; I am now living the occupation of my dreams. 

It is not a glamorous life though, let me remind you. Oh, the irony! People always assume Fashion is the most glamorous job one could ever have and to be honest, it isn't. Point is, I am content with my job and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support so far, especially my family. Without them I wouldn't be here today:') So thank you! I love you guys so much!

I just got back from Australia and I've got to say, its extremely hard to come home from every single trip there. But even though Melbourne is my one and only true love, Jakarta will always be a place I call home: ) Can't wait for my next trip back, though! 

 (View from my apartment. Missing this already)

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  1. congrats with your Apparel After Dark yaa
    so sorry I cannot come to your debut fashion show
    well maybe i'll make it next time

    Mr. Rebel in Town