Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Holiday Season

Ho ho ho! What's on your Christmas to-do list this year?

Christmas is literally around the corner and with it comes a whole lot of gifts and festive dinners with close friends and family. December is my favourite month because of two things: my birthday on the 15th and Christmas just 10 days after, perfect! It is going to be a busy and crazy month of intense work but it is also going to be a month filled with joy and excitement for all the upcoming events coming up.

I'll be posting different ideas on festive outfits for you to work with without being too over the top for the next couple weeks of December. Sometimes its not just about the clothes: it is a combination of accessories, colour and make up to build up a look. I'm wearing something literally so simple but yet I could wear this look for a formal dinner or a bar outing with my friends. One of the biggest tips I could give you guys is that you don't always have to overdress to impress. Just remember that sometimes simplicity speaks for itself; because of its clean and neutral characteristics it blends with you other than be louder than your personality.

Countdown to Christmas: exactly 21 days to go!

Wearing a light sweater from The Editor's Market in Singapore, Jay Jay's white skinny jeans, Forever 21 red strapped heels, and gold necklace from H&M. 

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  1. so pretty, i love your heels so much and i'm admiring your hair (?) xD

    cheer, michelle