Friday, 6 December 2013

My Work Post

I admit it. I am not an organised individual.
I'm messy and I do not like it but it is one of my habits that's hard to shed away. In some instances, I can sometimes feel a jolt of excitement towards cleaning up and today's one of of those days. My desk is clean (sort of) and I finally can write on my table instead of on the keyboard.

This is my work post. I do 70-80% of my work on this desk and I usually sit here all day long to do all the things necessary. My room is not exactly huge so I have to save space by combining a little bit of my wardrobe on this table. I'm not exactly the perfect person to give you tips on organising your table, BUT I know how boring working can get so sometimes a little decoration is what you need to keep it away from being too dull.

I took out every single unnecessary books out of the upper shelf and placed in important folders, documents, and books so that it is easy for me to grab all the things I need without the hassle. I also separated all the special magazines into the right section. These magazines are from all the places I've visited for the past 5 years that includes Japan, Thailand, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. One of the magazines I like to read would be Monocle. It's not exactly a fashion thing but it is one of the broadest magazines I've ever come across so far; it covers articles practically from everywhere around the world and it gives you an insight on people's businesses, entrepreneurship, travel, food, and a little bit of fashion.

Now my accessory section is just the way I like it; it's right there where I can see it and I don't have to rummage into a box to find a necklace or a small ring. All of my necklaces are placed on this mannequin accessory holder I got for Christmas, I hated it at first but ended up loving it. I bought a clear glass bowl to put in all of my rings and watches, important rings are placed on top of this little shovel I got from Garrett popcorn. If it's not too messy for you to spot I have an empty Equil bottle right in the back to put in most of my arm candy bracelets. Note that bottles with a high neck such as wine bottles are the perfect solution for all your bracelets.

And as for my wall, it is filled with memorabilia from some of the places I've been to so far in life. All these vintage posters/postcards are from Paris and I bought these simple frames from Ikea for like $4 a pair. Note: Decorations do not have to be expensive for it to create a space feel or look amazing. 

2014 is just around the corner and that doesn't only mean a new year, but it is also another start to a new journal. I have been trying to find a journal that's light and small enough to carry around and couldn't find one that looks decent until I came across these beautiful GoGirl! 2014 Journals. In general, gifts that come from magazines are usually filled with advertisements and this journal has none whatsoever. You get 2 little booklets along with the purchase of the December issue, so chic yet so affordable! 


  1. nice place~ looks really comfy :D
    I just nominated you in Liebster Award (, I'm waiting for your post :)

    -cheer, michelle

  2. omg that room looks so cool! i love the kenzo hat hhehehe

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  3. I love your office and the pictures on the wall!
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  4. i love your photos, i doesn't like messy at all. instead, its pretty good. i love it
    how about follow each other dear ?
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