Monday, 25 November 2013

Our Climate Vs. Jackets

Okay. I was very pessimistic of wearing jackets in Indonesia, mainly because of it's hot climate and for the fact that I would most probably look crazy sweating in a leather jacket. But who can resist this amazing textured leather jacket from Zara's newest Fall Collection? All international stores like H&M, Zara, or Topshop are now filled with breathtaking outerwear's and beautiful knits. How can us Indonesians enjoy these things without sweating to death? Be a douche and wear it over your shoulders like a boss. Hashtag I don't care, hashtag I love leather.

I found this dress hanging around in my Melbourne apartment ready to be thrown away and now, it is hanging on a very special clothing rack filled with special things only. And don't forget to say hi to Eggert, the newest family member to my ever growing Jeffrey Campbell collection. Can't thank my friend enough for helping me purchase this shoe back in Melbourne, so again, thank you so much, love!

Wearing my vintage spaghetti dress, my new textured leather jacket from Zara, and the most beautiful platforms ever made, Eggert from Jeffrey Campbell. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Last week on the 14th of November, I was one of the first couple of people to line up and wait with others around the world for the world premiere of Isabel Marant pour H&M's collection. I arrived at Gandaria City around 8 in the morning and to my surprise there were literally only 60 people lining up. I was shocked. I know for a fact that everywhere else in the world, people had to camp out the night before and actually fight for the things they want before it sells out, but here it was completely different.

Once I was in the store for my 10 minute window, I knew exactly what I wanted out of the whole collection: the heavyweight wool cardigan worn by Daria Werbowy in the first ever teaser poster for this collaboration. I was not disappointed by the quality of this beautiful cardigan however, I was and still very disappointed by the fact that H&M Indonesia raised the prices of all the Isabel Marant pieces by at least 20% from the official price, which can be seen on the H&M website (price in rupiah).

Still, I am grateful that I get to bring home a piece of Marant with me that day! It's too hot to wear it in Indonesia, but I really don't care; it's too amazing to leave it at home unseen:)

Wearing the beautiful Isabel Marant pour H&M heavyweight wool cardigan, H&M's black crop top, Zara's leather training shorts, and my Big Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Nearly Summer

'Nearly Summer', huh? Well it is in Australia!

My biggest and most impossible wish is to have 4 seasons here in Indonesia, however, we got stuck with only one: Summer. If I'm on a beach sun bathing everyday I think I wouldn't mind it as much. But seeing how I'm always working everyday with the heat constantly pushing through the walls of my house (even though I have the aircon on!), I would always pray for a rainy day just so that it gets a little colder. 

The weather was incredibly amazing; the warm sun and the air just cold enough to wear a jumper. My little sister and I thought it would be the perfect day to do a quick photoshoot out at the Botanical Gardens before our dinner with the family. Credit to Nadya Bunjamin for all the wonderful photographs.

Wearing my newly bought furry sweater from H&M Gandaria City, a 3-4 year old dress from Zara, and the lovely Olga wooden platforms from Deandri.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Melbourne: Photo Diary

As you all must, well, sort of know, me and my family went on a holiday trip to Melbourne last week specifically to celebrate my cousin's wedding. For me, this trip gave a big part of my heart back and now I'm beginning to think that I am okay and everything will somehow work out for the best. I am glad to be able to visit back the place I once lived in and I am hopeful that this trip is the start to many of which will come in the future; no fretting will take place, I promise. I am excited for 2014 and I am excited to share all the new things I have in store for all you guys so keep clicking and keep reading!

I'm okay with being here now. If it's something that I have to go through anyhow, I will always try my hardest to fight for my dreams anywhere I go. x