Monday, 23 September 2013

Hong Kong: Photo Diary

I am so so terribly sorry for the complete no-show these past 3 weeks! I was supposed to go to Hong Kong and Macau for only 5 days, but then ended up going to work with my dad to Medan for a week, and believe it or not, a sudden trip to Bangkok for 5 days, so it was definitely hectic all of a sudden and I couldn't find the time to sit down and blog. 

As I've heard so many people say, Macau is definitely the Vegas of Asia, and I couldn't agree more. From the bright lights to the endless casino and shopping strips in every single hotel, if you're 21 and legal, this is where you would want to gamble and shop all your winnings. But how should I know I'm not even legal yet: p 

Hong Kong is somehow so different. Hong Kong is packed with a huge bustling group of crowd every single day that made it hard for someone like me, a claustrophobic, to walk around in. All the little imperfection and beauties that is somehow so breathtakingly beautiful and deconstructed just defines exactly what the city of Hong Kong is and I love it. Every single thing about Hong Kong just breathes out excitement and eventhough its cramped to the very corner of the city, I am always ready to come back and be a part of this amazing place. 

Wearing my favourite jumpsuit from Bangkok, cropped muscle tee from H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch tartan shirt, Wittner's white flatforms (the same ones I used for my final collection) and Celine's Trapeze handbag. 


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