Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Old vs. New

The trend does not make you better but you yourself have to make the trend work into your personal style. So follow the trend that you personally find matching to your personality and style, don't follow it because the world is doing it. At one point in my life, I used to be an emo with a mohawk and ripped stockings. So discover yourself while you're still young!
So here's my top 5 list of the old and new things in the fashion trend so far that I personally feel everyone should come on board with or try:

1. Minimalist heels
No joke they're not the best type of heels to walk in because it's so steep, and a stiletto too! But trust me, you can pretty much pair them with any type of look and it all goes.
Tip: Pick the stilettos if you want to look taller, pick the fat heels if you want to walk a long distance.

2. Shaped skirts/shorts
The infamous Zara 'skort' has pretty much proved that shaped skirts/shorts can uplift your whole look. It's not messy, it's classy.
Tip: Find the shape that suits your body type and width. You need these skirts/shorts to complement your body shape.


3. Midriff it
I know that this isn't new but crop tops are at a whole new level right now. Wear it with high-waisted shorts or a beautiful structured skirt and voila!
Tip: Topshop is all about the cropped top idea and loads of their cropped singlets are on sale now! If you have an old t-shirt you don't wear anymore, cut it to the desired length and it automatically becomes a new piece in your wardrobe.

4. Go white
Going all white is definitely something I really love doing right now. It completely cleans your whole look out and better yet, you can play around with the texture and shapes to make it look even more stunning.
Tip: There's off-white and there's white. So make sure when you're doing the whole white look that it's in the same tone. 

5. Patterns
This has been going on for a while but I feel that over the past years, the pattern 'trend' changes over time and it keeps evolving too. Use patterned pieces to immediately unite your look and at the same time, adding character to a simple black/white top.
Tip: Patterns can sometimes be overwhelming; start with a simple patterned dress and work your way up to outfit sets.

All the photos are from StreetPeeper, check them out because they basically have everything you need to know about street fashion and photography.

Hope that you find this useful!
See you in the next post, A.


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