Monday, 5 August 2013

Never too late for some Camo-print


First thing's first, I want to apologise for the low-res quality pictures: ( I poured a whole glass of water onto my keyboard 4 years ago and thought it was okay the next day when it magically turned on again. But now the whole screen is totally screwed by some binary codes that needs fixin. To be honest, fixing/selling any electronic items of mine have been off my list for forever because I can't deal with people snooping into my private space, but yes, It's gonna be like this for the next 3 months until I get my other mac baby home from Australia in October, my apologies! 

Everyone living in Jakarta will definitely have the same problem as me, the heat. It gets better after a while but still, I can't help but miss the indecisive Melbourne weather that pretty much rotates a whole cycle of seasons in one day. I have never really liked the camo-print trend at the very start but to my surprise it's starting to grow on me! Jakarta's very very hot so I kept it light and breezy underneath with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Yes, they're shorts! 

 I am only 155cm tall. I am very short and I like my high heels to be extremely high to accommodate my missing height. I will do another blog post showing all of my fellow shorties out there on how to elongate your body and create that illusion of longer legs! Hugs and Kisses, A.

Ps.: Sorry for the dodgy balcony shot!

White sleeveless Vest from H&M, High-waisted Shorts from The Editor's Market, Grey Cardigan from GG/5, Camo-print Bomber Jacket from Topshop and Big Lita from Jeffrey Campbell.