Monday, 30 December 2013

End Of Year

Plaids have been very very big this year and I thought it would be the perfect post to end the year by recapping the year's biggest pattern craze. Plaids or tartan is particularly associated with Scotland because of their scottish kilts but mainly known as a signature pattern to some of the styles from the punk movement. I have been seeing plaids everywhere from Zara to Topshop and I know it's about to die down soon but it has got to be one of the trends that I sincerely love to play around with this year.

The problem with living here in Indonesia or any other country that's pretty much 24/7 covered in heat is the crazy temperature change in between the outdoors and the indoors. What I love about this crazy temperature combination is that I could sort of add or take out pieces from my outfit to suit my day's whereabouts.

To me, a leather vest is very versatile and can be easily paired with anything that I have in my wardrobe. I could just add any coloured or patterned shirt underneath and 'bam!', it's a leather jacket with contrast sleeves. And if I'm outdoors I could just tie the shirt on my waist and that'll automatically give me some extra breeze to keep me chilled for a little bit.

It is the 30th of January and pretty much just less than 36 hours away from the new years, how exciting! I would like to say my biggest thank you to every single one of you that has continued the support and love towards my blog. Without you guys I wouldn't have achieved this much, so really, thank you so so much:) And of course, Happy New Years and I will see you all in 2014! 

Much love, Amelia xx

Wearing my cropped H&M white sleeveless top, plaid shirt and high-waisted pants from Mango, leather vest from Forever 21, strapped flats from Charles and Keith, and my Vara sling bag from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Cloth Inc Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

If you've been following my posts for the past year, you would see that my go-to pieces are usually from Cloth Inc. Cloth Inc is an Indonesian based brand founded by my fellow blogger colleague, Julian Tanoto and they are focused on creating ready-to-wear clothing with the latest trends and but also providing that sense of practicality and comfort to all of their designs. 

This Fall/Winter 2013 Collection is based on the neutral shades of earth, giving us that lovely warm earthy tone we all love and adore:) I have a very soft spot against outerwear and this collection is full of them; from chunky knits to lightweight blazers and coats, I am so in love!

You can check out their full lookbook here.

I am going out tonight with my cousins for a party and I know it is going to be extremely cold there. This lightweight coat is just perfect for cold air-conditioning situations and I love how it gives my entire black outfit a pop of colour but yet it is still monochrome, just the way I like it! Enjoy your last weekend in 2013, peeps! 

Wearing my spaghetti strap top from The Editor's Market, Disco Pants from American Apparel, and black strapped heels from Forever 21.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Black-Blue Skies

Staying in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was a total first for me and to be honest it was a lot more beautiful than my expectations. I knew that this hotel would be stunning and sort of architecturally impossible in a way because of it's shape but when I entered the lobby I was completely stunned by the beautiful space. My room happened to face the ocean and the very beautiful Gardens by the Bay; I am completely lucky:)

I went out for a quick dinner at TWG with my Mom and sis that night and it was pretty good. Now that I think of it I feel very stupid for doing high tea late at night when it's supposed to be a brunch thing, I totally failed in life!

Random tip of the day: Because I have this intense love for everything and anything to do with shoes, I am pretty crazy when it comes to the quality and standard of all my loves. Jeffrey Campbell are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn so far in life, but if you're looking for something that's on trend as well and not as expensive, Forever 21 has the best range of shoes in the market so far. Maybe it is not as comfortable as Jeffrey Campbell but it is produced in such a good quality, it's totally worth it for the price: usually the prices start from $40ish to about $70ish for an amazing pair. On this trip to Singapore I bought 4 pairs of shoes from Forever 21 (I'm a total shoe whore) and they are all pretty frikkin' amazing.

Wearing The Editor's Market sweater and leather quilted skirt, Forever 21's Alexander Wang look-alike cut out boots, H&M's golden necklace, and a Michael Kors watch.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Casual Red

If you know me personally, you would know that I have a thing against crowded public places. Don't get me wrong, I like a party once in awhile! But it is the craziness and explosion of people that just fills up Singapore in every single corner of the city that makes me want to sit down and just focus on my breathing. Everything here is so fast paced and eventhough I'm usually quick on my feet, I need to be even faster here to keep up with the locals.

I always come back to Singapore a couple times a year and yet, eventhough of its crowded situations I always enjoy my time here with all of my heart. And like I promised, here's another festive outfit you could sport for the rest of December 2013. It's very casual and because it's nearly Christmas, I wear a little bit of red as much as I can everyday:) 

Wearing H&M's grey graphic tshirt, The Editor's Market high waisted black shorts, Sportsgirl's cut-out boots, Zara-inspired quilted jacket, and my birthday pressie from Mom and Dad the Ferragamo Vara sling bag. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

My Work Post

I admit it. I am not an organised individual.
I'm messy and I do not like it but it is one of my habits that's hard to shed away. In some instances, I can sometimes feel a jolt of excitement towards cleaning up and today's one of of those days. My desk is clean (sort of) and I finally can write on my table instead of on the keyboard.

This is my work post. I do 70-80% of my work on this desk and I usually sit here all day long to do all the things necessary. My room is not exactly huge so I have to save space by combining a little bit of my wardrobe on this table. I'm not exactly the perfect person to give you tips on organising your table, BUT I know how boring working can get so sometimes a little decoration is what you need to keep it away from being too dull.

I took out every single unnecessary books out of the upper shelf and placed in important folders, documents, and books so that it is easy for me to grab all the things I need without the hassle. I also separated all the special magazines into the right section. These magazines are from all the places I've visited for the past 5 years that includes Japan, Thailand, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. One of the magazines I like to read would be Monocle. It's not exactly a fashion thing but it is one of the broadest magazines I've ever come across so far; it covers articles practically from everywhere around the world and it gives you an insight on people's businesses, entrepreneurship, travel, food, and a little bit of fashion.

Now my accessory section is just the way I like it; it's right there where I can see it and I don't have to rummage into a box to find a necklace or a small ring. All of my necklaces are placed on this mannequin accessory holder I got for Christmas, I hated it at first but ended up loving it. I bought a clear glass bowl to put in all of my rings and watches, important rings are placed on top of this little shovel I got from Garrett popcorn. If it's not too messy for you to spot I have an empty Equil bottle right in the back to put in most of my arm candy bracelets. Note that bottles with a high neck such as wine bottles are the perfect solution for all your bracelets.

And as for my wall, it is filled with memorabilia from some of the places I've been to so far in life. All these vintage posters/postcards are from Paris and I bought these simple frames from Ikea for like $4 a pair. Note: Decorations do not have to be expensive for it to create a space feel or look amazing. 

2014 is just around the corner and that doesn't only mean a new year, but it is also another start to a new journal. I have been trying to find a journal that's light and small enough to carry around and couldn't find one that looks decent until I came across these beautiful GoGirl! 2014 Journals. In general, gifts that come from magazines are usually filled with advertisements and this journal has none whatsoever. You get 2 little booklets along with the purchase of the December issue, so chic yet so affordable! 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Holiday Season

Ho ho ho! What's on your Christmas to-do list this year?

Christmas is literally around the corner and with it comes a whole lot of gifts and festive dinners with close friends and family. December is my favourite month because of two things: my birthday on the 15th and Christmas just 10 days after, perfect! It is going to be a busy and crazy month of intense work but it is also going to be a month filled with joy and excitement for all the upcoming events coming up.

I'll be posting different ideas on festive outfits for you to work with without being too over the top for the next couple weeks of December. Sometimes its not just about the clothes: it is a combination of accessories, colour and make up to build up a look. I'm wearing something literally so simple but yet I could wear this look for a formal dinner or a bar outing with my friends. One of the biggest tips I could give you guys is that you don't always have to overdress to impress. Just remember that sometimes simplicity speaks for itself; because of its clean and neutral characteristics it blends with you other than be louder than your personality.

Countdown to Christmas: exactly 21 days to go!

Wearing a light sweater from The Editor's Market in Singapore, Jay Jay's white skinny jeans, Forever 21 red strapped heels, and gold necklace from H&M. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Our Climate Vs. Jackets

Okay. I was very pessimistic of wearing jackets in Indonesia, mainly because of it's hot climate and for the fact that I would most probably look crazy sweating in a leather jacket. But who can resist this amazing textured leather jacket from Zara's newest Fall Collection? All international stores like H&M, Zara, or Topshop are now filled with breathtaking outerwear's and beautiful knits. How can us Indonesians enjoy these things without sweating to death? Be a douche and wear it over your shoulders like a boss. Hashtag I don't care, hashtag I love leather.

I found this dress hanging around in my Melbourne apartment ready to be thrown away and now, it is hanging on a very special clothing rack filled with special things only. And don't forget to say hi to Eggert, the newest family member to my ever growing Jeffrey Campbell collection. Can't thank my friend enough for helping me purchase this shoe back in Melbourne, so again, thank you so much, love!

Wearing my vintage spaghetti dress, my new textured leather jacket from Zara, and the most beautiful platforms ever made, Eggert from Jeffrey Campbell. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Last week on the 14th of November, I was one of the first couple of people to line up and wait with others around the world for the world premiere of Isabel Marant pour H&M's collection. I arrived at Gandaria City around 8 in the morning and to my surprise there were literally only 60 people lining up. I was shocked. I know for a fact that everywhere else in the world, people had to camp out the night before and actually fight for the things they want before it sells out, but here it was completely different.

Once I was in the store for my 10 minute window, I knew exactly what I wanted out of the whole collection: the heavyweight wool cardigan worn by Daria Werbowy in the first ever teaser poster for this collaboration. I was not disappointed by the quality of this beautiful cardigan however, I was and still very disappointed by the fact that H&M Indonesia raised the prices of all the Isabel Marant pieces by at least 20% from the official price, which can be seen on the H&M website (price in rupiah).

Still, I am grateful that I get to bring home a piece of Marant with me that day! It's too hot to wear it in Indonesia, but I really don't care; it's too amazing to leave it at home unseen:)

Wearing the beautiful Isabel Marant pour H&M heavyweight wool cardigan, H&M's black crop top, Zara's leather training shorts, and my Big Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Nearly Summer

'Nearly Summer', huh? Well it is in Australia!

My biggest and most impossible wish is to have 4 seasons here in Indonesia, however, we got stuck with only one: Summer. If I'm on a beach sun bathing everyday I think I wouldn't mind it as much. But seeing how I'm always working everyday with the heat constantly pushing through the walls of my house (even though I have the aircon on!), I would always pray for a rainy day just so that it gets a little colder. 

The weather was incredibly amazing; the warm sun and the air just cold enough to wear a jumper. My little sister and I thought it would be the perfect day to do a quick photoshoot out at the Botanical Gardens before our dinner with the family. Credit to Nadya Bunjamin for all the wonderful photographs.

Wearing my newly bought furry sweater from H&M Gandaria City, a 3-4 year old dress from Zara, and the lovely Olga wooden platforms from Deandri.